Reviewing Animal Farm by George Orwell

The leader pigs of the Animal Farm
The leader pigs of the Animal Farm
Fifty years ago, George Orwell wrote a symbolic novel about the Russian revolution that turned into dictatorship. The novel features a few animals in a farm owned by a man called Mr. Jones. The animals felt that Mr. Jones wasn't decent in treating and feeding them. He asked them to work hard and fed them little.

The Rebellion was the suggestion of the most intelligent animal in the farm, who was an old pig. The rebellion was made and succeeded and it was followed by a number of events that resemble those that happened at the Russian rebellion.

In fact, not only they resembled the Russian revolution, but also you can find a lot of common parts with the revolutions that happened in the Arab world in the middle of the past century.

Little by little, the leaders of the revolution in the Animal Farm could manage to rule the farm in a dictatorship manner. The case is the same with the Russian and the Arab. You can easily find points of similarities between the actions of the Animal Farm's leaders and the actions of our leaders in the Arab world. You can even laugh when you find out that the Arab people's reaction to leaders' injustice is similar to the reaction of the animals of the farm.

By reading this book, I now understand how we, Arab people, became what we are now; obedient to our leaders and insensitive to our own pride. I understand now how many people around me think that all the positive things that we have are because of the wisdom of our leaders. I also understand why many people insist on comparing our situation with less developed countries and communities and then believing that we are living in the best situation possible.

The book walks through the life cycle of the revolution. Starting from the causes, the spark, the success of the revolution, and then how people get brain-washed by the revolution's leaders and how they start forgetting the first revolution's principles. And it ends at the point when the farm is fully operated in dictatorship.

In the book, this happened over 124 pages which you can read overnight. In real life, it takes years and decades. Unfortunately, our generation is living the final stage. We haven't ever experienced the first stages and we don't even realize they ever existed. We are fooled that it has always been this way. We are fooled that this is the norm.

Eye-opening and interesting book that deserves reading.

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