The Tree, people who stay in the memory

A tree
One day a little boy was travelling with his father to a very far country, it was a very long journey that they had to stop every a few days and stay in a village or a city in their way, this made their jourey quiet longer, but it was exciting as well, because every place they stay in, they find different people with different tradition and culture, not only different people, but different nature as well.

While they were travelling they had got very tired and were searching for any place to stop in, until they found a tree close to a spring sorounded by people, they sat in the shade of the tree, and took out some food they kept, after a while, the people of the village invited them to have dinner, and they hosted them for three days, the people were so kind and the boy spent amazing three days. It doesn't matter how long it was, neither the luxury that was offered, but he could see excitment in their eyes and eagerness to spread plesure upon them.

Thirty years later, the boy have become a father, and they had to travel back following the same path that he came from thirty years ago, and when they passed from the same village that he stayed in for three days with his father, he found everything's changed, the village is not lived by people any more, it was only an empty place with very old buildings that let you know that some people lived here one day, but none of them was there.

He asked his son to fill water from the spring, and then went to the tree where he had sat with his father thirty years ago, he thought that kind of relationship has been built between the tree and him, he liked the tree and he missed it, he knows that the tree also liked him and probably missed him as well, but he also knows that the tree has no way to move and visit him, it was his obligation to come to the tree and greet it, he sat in its shade, slept for a while, and had a very nice feeling that he couldn't ever explain.

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